Our Model

Our Model - A Multi-Unit Residential Community Housing Model

Cribwolf Foundation supports the need for many more community-centric, multi-unit residential housing projects. Although there may be different housing models proposed or under construction, there are certain key attributes that Cribwolf Foundation considers to be fundamental characteristics of a multi-unit residential community (MURC) model:

  • Allowance for mixed tenancy
  • Inclusive, safe, harmonious and community-engaged operation
  • Design that provides for independence and personal growth
  • Building concept that includes a larger footprint, ie., one-, two- and three-bedroom units
  • Allocation of select apartment units for respite service
  • Residence located in proximity to transportation, malls and other amenities
  • Tenant access to support services, as required
  • Community access and services onsite
  • B3 code compliance

Cribwolf Foundation recognizes that MURC projects may require various community agency expertise and support services as it relates to the individual requirements of each tenant.

The realization of the multi-unit residential community will require the collaboration and support from all levels of government, developers and the general public. For more information, please visit Our Strategic Plan page.